Price Landscaping Services Bring Peace to the Garden

Left to Right. Front Row - Ellen Ruddick, Carol Nauss, Kevin Nauss/ Middle Row - Yvon Hebert, Vance Leet, Kenny Mole, Jeb Dalling, Ann-Marie Brewer/ Back Row - Leopold Poirier, Dave Gourley, Paul Poirier, Sebastian Noel/ Absent - Nigel Bayliss, Carmen McAffee“We truly appreciate the amazing work Price Landscaping did on the indoor garden at the Community Peace Centre. By donating the material and their time; Price Landscaping and their employees truly showed they believe in their community.”
Adam Davis
Communications Coordinator  
Coordinateur des Communications
United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern NB


A while back, before spring opened the curtain, on what turned out to be an extremely busy season, a few of the staff at Price Landscaping Services made vocal, an idea that the company should contribute to the community in which they all live and work. Individually, these are all generous folk. Ellen Ruddick, Kevin Nauss, and Nigel Bayliss have over the years been very dedicated industry people, whether as LNB Board members or chairing committees. In this case they were looking to give something back to the city of Moncton, through supporting a local not for profit organization or charity.

Through a United Way program called “Day of Caring”, a great opportunity was provided to allow Price to fulfil their desire, and a local non for profit "group" to benefit from their landscaping expertise and labour. The National Day of Caring, is a chance for local companies or organization to lend their skills for a day to complete a project. The new Peace Centre in Moncton was in need of a garden; a place where anyone passing through could pause for a break, and relax. Ann Marie Brewer, who took the lead on this project at Price, saw this as an opportunity to help out a good cause, as well as participate in a team building, feel good event.


Fourteen skilled and helpful souls from Price Landscaping took part in the day long garden building project. In the end, a beautiful contemplative oasis was created for all to enjoy. The staff who participated all had that warm fuzzy feeling in their belly. Industry benefits because it exposes people to the creative nature of our trade, and it goes a long way toward making everything we touch –GREEN FOR LIFE.


Take a look at this program as it might be something for your company. It is ideal in that it takes a lot of the planning and co-ordination out of your hands. That’s what the Staff of United Way are for.
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