Brag About It!!

I was directed to a magazine the other day called Our Homes. It was their first edition for this area. In it I saw a little piece on Karen Carrier and her Moncton company Kutting Vine. I'm sharing it with you here.

The reason I am sharing it is because it bugs me that we spend so much time complaining about how hard it is to get people to see our industry as a career, and so much effort being critical of companies that are less than professional (and safe), and as an industry we spend so much of our resources putting together programming and training (like our Red Seal Apprenticeship Program, and Landscape Industry Certification), and so little time bragging to the public about our accomplishments. If you're Certified, then tell people. If you a journeyman, then tell people. If you're a member of a great association like Landscape New Brunswick, then tell people. If you've won awards, then tell people. Use our images in your print ads. When people contact the association then we will tell them how great you are, how professional you are, and how safety concious you are and how award winning you are.

Karen is doing it, and it is good for everyone that she is. Tell me what you're you're doing. Please take a moment and click here and do this simple survey.