Landscape New Brunswick Horticultural Trades Association

Code of Conduct

  • Members of LNB are expected to observe the Code of Conduct in spirit as well as letter.
  • The Code of Conduct outlines the most important standard of ethical and professional conduct by which members are expected to abide.
  • Membership status is decided and continued, based on the Code of Conduct.
  • Members shall act fairly, honestly and in a manner they would be prepared to defend publicly in all aspects of the practice of their trade.
  • Members shall endeavor to serve clients with integrity, knowledge and creative ability. They shall provide only the highest level of professional series to clients, employers and others in the industry.
  • Members shall have a responsibility to provide constructive, professional criticism to the Board of Directors, in writing, when necessary; to ensure the continued quality of goods and services.
  • Members shall not make a false or malicious statement that they may injure the professional reputation of another member.
  • Members shall work to maintain confidence and trust in the profession of horticulture and landscape trades.
  • Members advertising shall neither be false or in any way misleading.
  • Members shall have an obligation to render goods and services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, in order to protect the clients interest while maintaining acceptable standards.
  • Members have the ongoing responsibility to improve their own professional knowledge and/or skills to keep abreast of new developments in their industry.
  • Members shall encourage education and research within the horticulture and landscape field.
  • Members shall endeavor to attract to the profession, individuals with a high degree of honesty, courtesy, integrity and competence.
  • Members have a responsibility to pay their suppliers
  • Members will perform their work and/or supply goods, according to accepted industry standards, the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association specifications, LNB specification for topsoil and/or specifications as written in contracts.
  • Members shall continually strive toward the betterment of the environment through their dedication to the profession of horticulture and landscape trades.
  • Members shall endeavor to be involved in LNB, and continue positively toward the advancement of LNB.
  • Members shall positively promote LNB, to encourage the strengthening of LNB's profile and that of its members in the marketplace.